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MicroScalextric G2160

GT Car. Green No. 31


MicroScalextric G2159

GT Car. Black No. 26


MicroScalextric G2158

US Style Stock Car. Green No. 6


MicroScalextric G2157

US Style Stock Car. Blue No. 17


Microscalextric G107 Power Track

Micro Powerbase

225mm Long Straight.


MicroScalextric G105 Curve

295mm 90 degree Curve Track. Pack of 2


MicroScalextric G103 Straight

153mm x 2 Straight Track.

Out of Stock.

MicroScalextric Braids & Plates

4 in a pack with 2 replacement braid plates/guides.

Out of Stock.

MicroScalextric Braid Packs

Braids only - not supplied with the plate.

Can be used to fit all Scalextric cars from 60's onwards.

Pack of 6. £1.19

Pack of 12. £2.00

MicroScalextric Tyres

Set of four in a bag.

Out of Stock.